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What is kDEPOT?
kDEPOT (an abbreviation of "knowledge depot") is a place where you can publish and share your articles, scientific papers, publications, books, etc. If your paper was not accepted by a publication site, you can still publish it on kDEPOT for free.
By submitting your text, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions of this site. Remember that whatever you publish here, you still keep the ownership of your text and you are always responsible for its content.
In order to maintain high quality and standards of published materials, we are providing you with a rating mechanism for your publications. It is your responsibility to get your publication reviewed and rated.
By making your work public, you obtain a unique link to your publication, useful while making reference to your work on the Internet and for easy sharing.
IMPORTANT: Be aware that your work published on this site will be fully visible on the global scale on the Internet, hence also exposed to the potential copyright violation by the third parties. If you have any doubts or you don't want to fully expose your ideas we recommend that you publish just the abstracts. Any potentially interested reader will be able to contact you directly using 'Contact' feature offered by this site.

Who can participate?
This site was first designed for scientists who want to share their ideas and research results with colleagues worldwide. By letting peer reviewers rate published documents, high quality and standards of papers can be maintained.
However, if you are a journalist, commentator, artist, writer or you create e-learning materials, you are also welcome to publish your work on this site.

How much does it cost?
This is a 100% free service. You create and manage your profile and publish your work free of charge.
Please note that kDEPOT is not a social network but a free publication site for serious contributions.
Donations are welcome and don't forget to click advertisement banners in order to support site maintenance.

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