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Why review published papers?
As an open publication space, kDepot allows contributors to publish their papers before they are reviewed. Being a reviewer is the most important role within the kDEPOT open publication place. As a reviewer, you enhance the quality of papers published here.

Some basic rules to follow.
Because your work is very important to all of us, please pay special attention to the content of the paper you are reviewing and make sure that your review follows basic rules of:

1. professionalism,

2. impartiality,

3. knowledge,

4. accuracy,

5. common sense.

Your review must be at least 300 characters long but no more than 1 000 characters. You must also rate the paper under review giving a note between 1 (lowest) and 10 (highest).
In order to review, you must have an account at kDEPOT. If you are not registered, go to the 'Register' menu and create one in less than 30 seconds.

All reviews are private and can be viewed only by the paper's author. Once you submit your review, you cannot change nor delete it. The overall score given to the paper will be updated with your rating.

Do not wait, start NOW.
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For more information, read Terms and Conditions of the kDEPOT open publication site.

- a place where knowledge lives!