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Why publish your work?

kDEPOT gives you a unique opportunity to publish your papers and ideas or to share the results of your work before they are reviewed by others.
Once published, your paper can be reviewed and feedback will be sent to you and only to you.

IMPORTANT: Be aware that your work published on this site will be fully visible on the global scale on the Internet, hence also exposed to the potential copyright violation by the third parties. If you have any doubts or you don't want to fully expose your ideas we recommend that you publish just the abstracts. Any potentially interested reader will be able to contact you directly using 'Contact' feature offered by this site.

Our document flow is simple.
Before starting to publish your work, it is important to understand document flow. kDEPOT has a very simple document flow which can be described as follows:
  1. document content writing, preparation and formatting - done by the author,

  2. document submission to kDEPOT using an online form (by the author - up to 3Mb) or by the kDEPOT Administrator if larger than 3Mb. Only files in PDF format are accepted.

  3. document content review to match Terms&Conditions of our service - this part is done by the kDEPOT Administrator (max. 3 days),

  4. document in Private state - ready to be released by the author, can also be deleted at this stage; your work is not displayed publicly but you can see it in SWF format,

  5. document in Public state - visible in the 'Browser' area as SWF. The author can change it back to Private state or Delete it. In this state your document is visible and ready to be reviewed by others.
For more information, check Terms and Conditions of KDEPOT open publication site.

- a place where knowledge lives!